Contamination–a word that can strike fear into the pocketbook of any landowner. The only thing more limiting to your use of your land is the government. They can be both helpful and a pain in the asset side of the ledger. Helpful you say. Yes, ever hear of Brownfields–same game, different rules.

     Total cleanup is rarely achieved. More cost effective solutions are available. Such as selling your property to an unsuspecting soul (Just kidding. We wanted to see if you were still reading!). But options do exist. It is possible to manage your problem and control your cost by contamination management and remediation.

     What we do is listed below, but how we do it is what’s important. We believe we offer creative solutions that can save you money. Chances are you’ve already had someone botch up something, so let us make sense of what’s really going on. Here’s what we can do better than others.

  • We can figure out where the contamination is (aka contamination assessment).
  • We can figure out where it is likely to go (aka fate and transport).
  • We can figure out what to do with it (aka conceptual remedial design).

     Oh yeah, we also do Phase I & Phase II environmental audits. But, if you are looking for one of those cheap audits, please hit the exit key. That’s not part of our business plan, and it shouldn’t be part of yours either.