Senior SDI professionals have been in court so many times you’d think we were very ‘bad’. Instead, we are usually helping a client recover from or fight ‘bad’ work or ‘bad’ concepts put forth by others. Explaining something you can’t see to a judge or jury is challenging.

     Here’s what we can do for you as a team.

  • We can do the modeling to support your permits and we can explain it.
  • We have successfully challenged the technical basis behind some unusual rules.
  • We can also tell someone about contamination and where it’s going.

     And we make exhibits that carefully dissect and illustrate the mysteries of groundwater. Getting people to understand in 3– and 4–dimensions is difficult, but that is the vision we have.

     Where do we do our best work? Federal court, state court, administrative hearings, and local and municipal workshops. If you are an attorney and your client has issues regarding water rights, water use permits, environmental impacts of land use development, or conflicts arising from groundwater contamination, then you can benefit from our perspective.