SDI has a linear track record (we go straight, not round and round) with providing regulatory support services to engineering and ecological firms, utilities, municipalities, state agencies, agriculture, mining and industry. We develop defensible hydrogeologic and contaminant study results to meet your regulatory requirements.

     Here’s what we can do for you.

  • We can provide modeling support for your water use and environmental resource permits.
  • We can develop monitoring plans to comply with regulations that can seem unusual at times.
  • We can be your liaison with regulatory agencies and help you interpret their guidelines.
  • We can also provide expert testimony if needed to support your permitting habits.

     SDI professionals have worked to acquire or renew all types of permits, from dinky little water use permits to humongous (aka big) multi-wellfield systems pumping more than a hundred million gallons of water per day, wellfields that were surrounded by thousands of acres of wetlands and hundreds of ardent environmentalists.