Phillip R. Davis, President and Principal, has more than 36 years experience investigating and solving groundwater problems related to numerical models, water supply development and groundwater contamination. Mr. Davis also provides technical expertise and expert testimony to clients and lawyers in dealing with regulatory agencies and in litigation and hearings. He has lectured at seminars and short courses on various groundwater and modeling topics. He has written numerous technical reports and publications and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Ground Water.

My first use of computers was 1965. I have learned computers from the ground up and groundwater modeling from the ground down. I have worked with some of the great ones. It is that experience and mentoring that I received that I am passing on to the future of SDI so that you can be assured that your needs will continue to be satisfied.

     Cathleen Beaudoin Jonas, P.G., Vice President, has been working on water resources and water supply projects in Florida since 1989 with SDI. She is skilled in managing both small and large multi-task, multi-disciplinary projects. Ms. Jonas is experienced in interacting with regulatory staff for permitting and compliance projects. She has managed several projects using the variable-density model SEAWAT to evaluate the potential for saltwater intrusion due to mining or groundwater pumpage for brackish water supply development. Ms. Jonas has been involved in the peer review of groundwater models for two water management districts and has expert testimony experience.

Starting in the field as a structural geologist, I learned the value of understanding the hydrogeologic framework of aquifer systems in developing conceptual hydrologic models. I supervised the drilling and testing of monitor wells and large water supply production wells. This experience provided a good foundation prior to putting my hands on a keyboard to build my first groundwater model. From that base, I now manage many of SDI’s modeling projects.

     John E. Palmer, P.G., Vice President, has more than 30 years of environmental and hydrogeologic experience, including geologic and hydrogeologic investigations, monitor and production well design and installation, environmental site assessments, field investigations, petroleum hydrocarbon, hazardous waste and Manufactured Gas Plant site investigations and remediation, and engineering geology. Management experience includes technical and administrative project management for multi-site and long-term contracts, and preparation of technical reports.

In my career, I have seen things come full circle. I began my career siting nuclear power plants and I may get to work on them again. Along the way, I cleaned up lots of contamination, drilled a bunch of monitor and water wells, and ran oodles of aquifer tests. It is exciting now to keep up with advances in drilling and testing techniques so that SDI can apply the latest advancements on your project. Innovation can offer you significant cost savings.

     James R. Dozier, P.G., has more than 15 years of hydrogeological and numerical modeling experience in the fields of water resource and environmental assessment, and remediation of groundwater contamination. He has used numerical models for wetland assessments, wellfield management, mine impact analyses, permitting, and saltwater intrusion. He has extensive experience in conceptual model development, set-up, calibration, and post-processing of model output from MODFLOW, integrated surface and groundwater models such as MIKE SHE, and the saltwater intrusion models SWIFT and SEAWAT.

Like most of you, when I got my first car, I thought it was fast. I thought the same thing about my first computer. Boy, have things changed. Now I race sport cars as a hobby at Sebring, and my computers are fast enough to run complex models like MODFLOW and SEAWAT. Like racing, modeling requires planning, teamwork and a thorough knowledge of what you’re doing.