If your problem was easy, you wouldn’t be looking at our website. We can do the mundane, but we really shine when the going gets tough. It doesn’t matter if you need more water for your primary supply or if you are looking to diversify your sources. In fact, we specialize in finding and developing alternative water supplies. Take brackish water, for example. Mother Nature didn’t waste space making brackish water aquifers. She makes you blend it as you need it. Developing long-term supplies of blended groundwater takes the kind of special expertise that SDI’s hydrologists have.

     What else do we do well?

  • We can plan and permit your new supply.
  • We can collect and analyze data and design your monitoring system.
  • We can separate your mean from your mode and perform other statistical handstands if a regulatory agency requires it.
  • We can design wells, help select your driller and then make sure he does it right.
  • We also know how to read the squiggly lines on geophysical logs and tell you what they mean.
  • And best of all, we can make sense of everything in a model–if you need one.